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Invisalign® in Wangaratta

Creating Straight, Happy Smiles at Michelson’s Dental Surgery

Invisalign® “braces” are removable, clear, thermoplastic orthodontic aligners that work without metal brackets or wires. Each translucent tray fits snuggly around your smile, without impacting your diet choices or brushing routine.

Preview Your Results Before Starting Treatment

Thanks to digital imaging and Invisalign technology, we’re able to design your future smile in-house before you ever start treatment. With ClinCheck software, you’re able to see a virtual before and after of how your teeth could look with the help of Invisalign.

An Option for Every Smile

Most orthodontic cases work to correct the alignment of your entire bite. While straighter teeth reduce the risk of tooth decay, gum disease and TMJ disorder, comprehensive braces aren’t necessary for everyone. Invisalign also offers a shorter cosmetic alternative that allows you to focus on the visible teeth toward the front of your mouth. You’ll see results in even less time, since there are fewer teeth to align!

What to Expect

Wear your Invisalign aligners for at least 22 hours per day, only taking them out during meals and when it’s time to clean your teeth. Change your trays out every two weeks as prescribed, and the gradual changes in each aligner will progressively guide your teeth into a straighter position.

Is Invisalign Really Invisible?

Each clear Invisalign tray is made of BPA-free thermoplastic, translucent plastic. During everyday conversations or smiling from across the room, your braces are essentially invisible to the people around you.

Invisalign is digitally designed and laser cut, to offer the best fit possible and reduce irritation to the inside of your mouth. Our patients tend to prefer Invisalign’s comfort over conventional metal braces as there are no rough wires or brackets that rub your lips or cheeks.

You’re Never Too Old for a Straighter Smile

Orthodontics are common among teens, but Invisalign offers designs exclusively for adults too! Thanks to the discreet design, Invisalign is perfect for working professionals and busy parents.

Plus, the limited follow up visits are easy to fit around your already busy schedule. Simply book a 15-minute appointment once per month for us to evaluate your progress and we’ll send the next several sets of aligners home with you so that you can change them out on your own.

Straightening your smile with Invisalign is a great way to gift yourself with the smile you’ve always wanted, or to jump start your upcoming cosmetic dental plan.

Planning Your Treatment

Each Invisalign case starts with an exam and consultation to find out if you qualify for treatment and map out the course of your orthodontic therapy. If you’re a candidate for clear braces, we’ll discuss the process and estimated timeframe you can expect. Most of our comprehensive Invisalign patients can expect to complete their treatment anywhere from 12-24 months.

Request Your Consultation Today

New patients are always welcome! Flexible financing plans are available for your convenience! Contact us today to book your Invisalign evaluation.

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