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Traditional Braces Wangaratta

Traditional Braces WangarattaWho wouldn’t like to show off a picture-perfect smile? Perhaps you’ve wished for years that you could transform the way you look or have recently noticed that your teeth are shifting out of alignment. Conventional metal braces are the ideal choice to correct a myriad of bite and tooth-related problems and are appropriate for all ages.

More Than a Gorgeous Smile

By straightening your teeth, you can speak, bite and chew more effectively, as well as show off an aesthetically pleasing smile. Additionally, with more aligned teeth, brushing and flossing are easier than ever, which will keep decay at bay.

Another advantage of traditional braces is that they’re highly affordable. Though you may picture the metal braces of the past, today’s braces are much lighter in structure and weight than they were years ago.

What to Expect

Once we have evaluated your oral health and determined that traditional braces are the best approach to approving your goals, we’ll get started on the procedure of placing them. Stainless-steel brackets will be attached to your teeth. The brackets are linked together with a thin wire using an O-ring, which looks like a tiny round elastic. You can choose which colour you’d like and get as creative as you desire!

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