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Save Big While We Celebrate Dental Health Week

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Dental Health Week is 6-12 August, and Michelson’s Dental Surgery is kicking it off with a valuable offer. You’ll receive a 25% discount on a comprehensive dental examination including a scale and clean and routine X-rays. This deal is valid for the entire month of August!

If you’ve been putting off your dental evaluations or know that you’re soon due for your checkup, now is the perfect time to contact our team. 

We’re offering a valuable deal for the entire month of August. Find out more and discover easy tips for a healthier smile! 

Easy Tips for a Gorgeous Smile

Everyone wants to love the way they look and to feel confident when they smile. With a few simple guidelines, you’ll enjoy showing off your pearly whites: 

  • You know to brush twice daily, but which type of toothpaste do you use? A fluoride-based one is your best bet to avoid dental caries. 
  • Flossing should be done once per day, reaching thoroughly in between each tooth to remove food particles and bacteria. 
  • Reduce your intake of sugary foods and beverages. Cutting out all of them may not be realistic, but a goal of lowering your intake is reasonable. 
  • Visit Michelson’s Dental Surgery twice a year. We’ll remove any buildup of tartar and plaque and examine your teeth to ensure that they stay healthy, identifying any potential problems early to save you from more expensive and extensive treatment in the future. 

Claim this offer now! 

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